UN3373 Brochure

31 Pricing and Online Ordering at www.UN3373.co.uk email order sales@alphalabs.co.uk freefax order 0800 614249 Pricing and Online Ordering at www.UN3373.co.uk  freephone order 0800 387732  buy online at www.alphalabs.co.uk 30 Custom Designed to Your Exact Specifications and Branding From a bespoke Pastette® to deliver your specific sample volume, to a complete patient pack to transport quality samples to the laboratory, we will work with you to custom design and build just what you need. Pastette® - disposable transfer pipettes in any format Plate Seals - for specific manufacturing & packaging requirements UN3373 Compliant Packaging - for clinical trials, diagnostics and screening kits Complete Patient Packs for Sample Collection and Transport Building Solutions Let us help with our personalised, flexible and fast bespoke service. Find out more at www.alphalabs.co.uk/customdesign or contact us to discuss your specific requirements and join our long list of satisfied customers. Tailor Made Solutions to Help You Reach Your Goals Notes