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28 29 Pricing and Online Ordering at www.UN3373.co.uk Pricing and Online Ordering at www.UN3373.co.uk  freephone order 0800 387732  buy online at www.alphalabs.co.uk email order sales@alphalabs.co.uk freefax order 0800 614249 Complete Kits for Collection and Transport UN3373 Sample Transport Training Seminar Proficiency Testing Kits Our partner already supplies a number of world-class proficiency testing organisations with high quality solutions to ensure that test samples consistently arrive at the laboratories intact and in premium condition. The quality of our packaging is reflective of the crucial services being tested. Our solutions are designed and manufactured with a focus on helping to achieve the best quality samples and ultimately deliver better patient healthcare. We understand that your needs and those of your stakeholders are unique and we never try to convince you that one size fits all. Contact us to discuss your Proficiency Testing Kit Requirements. Food and Water Testing Kits We offer test kits and packaging systems designed to facilitate the testing of water from various sources (sewerage/water refining plants/air-conditioning systems/condensers/cooling towers) in order to prevent and control disease outbreaks. We also supply solutions to support meat plants, food retailers and laboratories in the provision and transport of samples for routine food testing to detect potential threats to public health. Trusting us with this part of the process enables you to free up more of your organisation’s valuable resources and reduce costs. Our solutions are designed and manufactured with a focus on achieving the best quality samples and ultimately supporting improved public health. Contact us to discuss your Food and Water Testing Kit Requirements. Kit Fulfillment Trusting us with your regulatory compliant (eg UN3373, PI650) medical sample collection kit fulfillment process enables you to free up more of your organisation’s valuable resources and reduce costs. We understand you may have concerns about handing over your entire kit fulfillment process to an outside company. However, you can be reassured that we have the expertise, knowledge, training, quality processes and attention to detail required to provide the very best service on your behalf. We can provide/offer various fulfilment solutions, including: Kit refurbishment Stock call-off Logistics and delivery services, including a Direct to Patient service We work on your behalf to develop regulatory compliant smart solutions to address your specialist needs and help you to increase efficiency and reduce overall costs. Contact us to discuss your Kit Fulfillment Requirements. Training for UN3373 Compliance and Safe Transport of Biological Samples Often, in today’s busy laboratories many biohazardous samples are sent through the post or by courier, to central testing facilities. Understanding all the details of how to package these samples to ensure compliance with UN3373 regulations can be difficult. Correct and compliant packaging is essential to guarantee samples reach their destination in good condition, and that the safety of personnel handling the parcel along its route is not compromised. Learn how to prevent risks, ensure your compliance and meet your responsibilities for bio-packaging by attending an Alpha Laboratories Sample Transport Seminar. What is a Sample Transport Seminar? Alpha Laboratories offers a training programme known as a Sample Transport Seminar. The programme is focused on the UN3373 regulations and the Transport of Biological Substances, Category B. Presented by an Alpha technical specialist, certified in The Carriage of Diagnostic and Infectious Substances, through a CAA approved course, the training can help you to understand your responsibilities in packaging samples for transport. Through a combination of presentations and practical activities you will learn valuable information on how to ensure your samples are always packaged in a compliant manner. At the Sample Transport Seminars You Will Learn: Your responsibilities when packaging samples for transport and the risks associated with non-compliance How to classify human or animal samples according to the Dangerous Good Regulations How to package samples to UN3373 standards for air (IATA) or road (ADR) transport requirements What is meant by “exempt” samples Correct labelling procedures About different types of packaging How to Arrange Your Sample Transport Seminar Seminars are held on-site at your own premises at a time and venue which is convenient to you. All you need is a group of 10 to 16 colleagues who are interested in attending. Training can also be arranged by a TEAMS call, but it will not be possible to complete the practical sessions, which many attendees feel they get a lot of benefit from, when trained in this manner. Either complete the on-line form at www.alphalabs.co.uk/sample-transport-seminars or contact your local Alpha representative to discuss your needs and make the arrangements. UN3373 Sample Transport Training Seminar