UN3373 Brochure

www.UN3373.co.uk www.UN3373.co.uk 2 3  freephone order 0800 387732  buy online at www.alphalabs.co.uk email order sales@alphalabs.co.uk freefax order 0800 614249 Introduction Contents Contents Page Introduction 3 Understanding the Regulations - P650 Packaging Instruction for Road (ADR) 4 - P650 Packaging Instruction for Air (IATA) 5 UN3373 Compliance Resources 6 UN3373 Packaging Guide 7 Sample Collection Solutions - Faecal Collection 8 - Urine Collection 9 - Swabs 10 Primary Containers for Sample Transport - for Air Transport 11 - for Road Transport 14 - Leak-Proof Tested 16 Secondary Packaging Solutions for Sample Transport - for Air Transport 18 - for Road Transport 23 Outer Packaging Solutions for Air or Road Transport 24 Mailing Bags and Envelopes for Road Transport 25 Complete Kits for Sample Transport 25 UN3373 Sample Transport Training Seminar 29 Introduction Whether for medical diagnostic purposes, clinical trials or research, collecting, storing and transporting patient and other biologically hazardous samples safely from their source to the laboratory can be problematic. Biological specimens fall under the Dangerous Goods Regulations since they may contain pathogens. Their transport is strictly controlled and it is a legal and mandatory requirement to comply with the regulations. This ensures that all such parcels, and their contents, reach their destination in good condition, whilst not endangering the environment or anyone who comes into contact with them during their journey. Samples such as blood, tissue, excreta, secreta etc. from humans or animals (which are not assigned to Category A, Infectious Substances), are considered to be Category B Biological Substances. These are assigned to UN3373 and must be packaged according to the Dangerous Goods IATA (air) or ADR (road) Packing Instruction 650 for transport. Alpha Laboratories provides a wide range of sample packaging materials that help make your regulatory compliance convenient, consistent and cost-effective.