Sustainability Brochure In early December 2022, Alpha Laboratories Ltd worked with Hampshire Rangers on their Warsash Legacy Project to regenerate a SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) and SPA (Special Protection Area) site. The project saw 75 oak trees, 1 representing each member of staff, planted alongside numerous hedgerows, with further planting planned over the following 2 years. Around 53% of staff members got involved with the planting alongside the rangers and volunteers. Oak trees are known to have long lives lasting hundreds of years, allowing them to sequester tons of Carbon, whilst simultaneously providing habitats that support and protect wildlife and biodiversity. Alpha Woods Packaging We always want to ensure our products arrive to our customers in the best possible condition. Our boxes come in multiple sizes to ensure we can find the best fit for each order. All our Alpha boxes are FSC certified and made from 70% recycled material, the tough outer shell is made from stronger new material and is sustainably sourced. When possible, we will reuse boxes delivered to Alpha to ensure we reduce waste as much as possible. We strive to use the minimum amount of packaging possible; we use recycled paper stuffing for void fill to protect the product during transit and we have opted to use paper tape over plastic tape. Frozen and cold items require special treatment to maintain their integrity. Bubble wrap, which is made form 30% recycled material, will only be used to wrap our icepacks with our chilled products. Our Dry ice products are shipped in a lined cardboard container to use the minimal amounts of Styrofoam. We continue to research new and innovative alternatives to reduce the levels of plastic and waste in our warehouses and operations. Distribution We work with our customers to consolidate orders where possible and use a range of couriers to ensure we use the most sustainable service available for our customer orders. Our E-Transit Van is currently being trialled with more local deliveries and donations. Greener Packaging and Distribution