Sustainability Brochure In all aspects of our office, warehouse and field-based environments, staff are trained and equipped to follow sustainable working practices and to consider their impact on the environment. Employees are offered additional Environmental Awareness training to further their knowledge and awareness of their environmental impact. Buildings Over recent years Alpha Laboratories has undergone a phase of refurbishments and made significant investments in the latest British technologies to improve the sustainability of its head office facilities. We invested over £150K in the replacement of our standard roofing with an Advanced Trisomet® trapezoidal roofing system. This new roof has improved insulation qualities, increasing energy efficiency of the building and reducing heat loss. Around 15% of our roofing was converted to skylights over our warehouses. This will help utilise natural light and reduce the need for artificial lighting. Other areas of the business have seen the installation of motion-sensor LED lighting, further reducing our energy consumption. Autumn 2023 saw the installation of our new solar panels on our roof. These panels are expected to generate up to 98% of our consumption with the summer months. Within the first month of installation, we saw ~50% of our energy consumption was generated by the panels. This reduces our reliance and dependency on the National Grid, we remain on a ‘Green’ Tariff for any residual consumption from the National Grid, further supporting the development of renewable energy projects. Office Practice Active changes to working processes are reducing the use of printing inks and paper consumption. Overall we are now using 61% less paper than before the pandemic. Employees are encouraged to manage heating and lighting efficiently in their work areas. Waste Disposal To reduce waste across the business all our kitchens have multiple recycling bins to ensure our staff members recycle as much as possible. Currently we recycle: Plastics, cardboard, milk bottle tops, ink cartridges, crisp packets and coffee pods. We opt to use 100% biodegradable bin bags where possible and switched to using recycled paper across the business. We have switched to biodegradable hand towels and toilet roll made from sugar cane byproducts. Opting for these small changes helps reduce our waste overall, having an impact on our carbon footprint. Outdoor Space The outside area of the Alpha Laboratories office is the only green space on the estate and has been undergoing a transformation. Working with guidance from the RSPB we have undertaken extensive planting of rowan trees and thorn hedging to attract and protect birds and other wildlife in the area. Other additions include a bug hotel, raised bed, bird boxes and bird feeders to encourage and support our local wildlife. Travel We have transitioned to an Electric and Hybrid vehicle fleet. Between 2018 and 2023 we saw an almost 70% reduction in vehicle emissions in our switch to a more sustainable fleet. Following successful business operations during the height of the pandemic, with most employees working from home, we continue with an ongoing hybrid working model. Online meetings are normalised which enables efficient communications with our colleagues, customers and suppliers. This decreases energy costs on site and minimises travel which in turn lowers our collective carbon impact. Greener Working Environment Marketing The increased use of advanced digital communications means we can keep you up to date with market developments, new solutions, product innovations and special offers, through our websites, emails and social media. Our online literature library provides a wealth of digital brochures, technical documents and case studies that can be downloaded direct to your PC or mobile device. However, we still feel there is a place for the occasional print publications that can be reviewed offline at leisure. We have taken steps to reduce the environmental footprint of our popular periodicals such as Leading Edge and LabVantage by now printing them on recycled paper and mailing them without any outer packaging. These ‘naked’ mailings save over 100kg of plastic annually. We are exploring innovative ways to combine print and digital such as using seeded paper featuring QR codes to link to digital literature. After use, the paper can be planted to grow wild flowers that attract pollinators as the paper composts away. We offer a range of customer gifts and source those made from recycled materials. We never choose single use items and provide reusable water bottles and shopping bags with their own environmental benefits. Did you know...? You can ask us for a free reusable water bottle, or shopping bag. To request yours, email us at As part of our dedication to find innovative solutions, including our marketing, this piece has been printed on paper filled with wild flower seeds. Wild Flower Seeds include: Birdsfoot Trefoil, Black Knapweed, Black Medick, Meadow Buttercup, Musk Mallow, Ox-Eye-Daisy, Ribworth Plantain, Red Campion, Slad Burnet, Self Heal, White Campion, Yarrow. 1. Plant the paper under a light layer of soil 2. Water thoroughly and place in a sunny spot 3. Watch the seeds begin to grow as the paper composts away Scan and bookmark the QR code to view our sustainability brochure and then simply follow the instructions below to grow your own bee friendly flowers. Tel: 023 8048 3000 | Web: This Paper Will Grow! s p on n t h u ly p ! Scan to view our sustainability brochure Find out more Supporting Sustainability for All Our Futures Alpha Laboratories is committed to innovative sustainability practices focused on building a better world for future generations including: ✓ Greener working environment ✓ Eco-friendly packaging & distribution ✓ Sourcing products with a reduced environmental footprint ✓ Turning tips into trees ✓ Recycling your laboratory plastics Tel: 023 8048 3000 | Web: