Sustainability Brochure Did you know...? We have held ISO 14001 Environmental Management Accreditation since 2013. Supporting Sustainability for All Our Futures Alpha Laboratories Ltd. initially obtained the ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System accreditation in March 2013, being among the first laboratory suppliers to achieve this. In April 2018 we integrated this with our Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2015) and successfully transitioned to the updated ISO 14001:2015 standard. Annual audits ensure we uphold these international standards, striving to continually reduce our impact on the environment. ISO 14001:2015 accreditation focuses our commitment to consistently conduct operations in a way that is protective of the environment and ensures compliance with all relevant local, national and international statutory, regulatory and legal requirements. Our Corporate Environmental Certification The Alpha Laboratories’ Senior Management Team is committed to: ✓Reducing pollution and waste from operations and managing any remaining waste through safe and responsible disposal ✓Diminishing our consumption of natural resources, using sustainable resources where possible and striving to improve our environmental performance ✓Reviewing the Environmental and Quality Management System at regular intervals and providing the resources needed to ensure its continuing suitability, effectiveness and improvement ✓Establishing and reviewing Environmental and Quality objectives and ensuring that these objectives are communicated, understood and implemented at appropriate levels of the company Alpha Laboratories Ltd is committed to innovative sustainability practices focused on building a better world for future generations. Our internal strategy is centred around sustainability and our 3 pillars; People, Planet, Culture. People: • Creating an inclusive, ethical, and diverse workspace • Prioritising staff wellbeing and career progression • Supporting our local community through various projects Planet: • Taking ownership of our impact on the environment • Reporting our emissions and encouraging transparency throughout the supply chain Culture: • Ensuring commitments within all levels of governance • Continuously looking for more innovative and sustainable solutions to meet customer demands Within our business we have a strong focus on diminishing our reliance and consumption of finite resources, opting for sustainable alternatives, and collaborations with our local community. Overall striving to improve our environmental performance and the social wellbeing of both our employees and community members. This covers all aspects of our business from reduced use of energy and printing, conversion of our car fleet to Electric and Hybrid vehicles, to staff hours spent in community projects. Partnering with our customers is paramount to meeting our sustainability goals. Campaigns such as our LaboraTree scheme create a positive impact, enabling us to support our customers’ desire to give back to the environment. We encourage the development of more environmentally conscious products within the industry, and within our packaging materials. We are working with our suppliers to operate in the most sustainable way possible.