Sustainability Brochure An example of the LaboraTree scheme card and tokens. LaboraTree is a Tree planting scheme that was born back in 2009. Originally supported by the purchase of Fastrak tips, we have also introduced ZAP tips to the initiative. This means that with every pack of these tips, you receive a LaboraTree collector’s token. When you have enough tokens to complete a card, simply return it to us and we’ll have a tree planted on your behalf. We plant trees around the UK in community woodlands, nature reserves, community farms and urban areas. Each certificate has a unique number so you can see where your trees have been planted. Why Plant Trees? ✓Trees absorb harmful carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, reducing the effects of global warming ✓Woods provide habitats for many endangered wildlife species, conserving biodiversity ✓Woods are a place for leisure and relaxation for us and future generations to enjoy We only plant trees in community woodlands, nature reserves and community farms, to ensure the trees are planted and maintained properly, so they live to maturity. How does it work? Register online and we will send you a LaboraTree collector’s card with your unique membership number. Apply the special tree tokens found on the outside of Fastrak or ZAP tip packs to your collector’s card. When the card is full, return it Freepost to us. We will plant your tree and record any ZAP tokens towards your additional gift. You will also receive your personalised e-certificate. Find out more at: Turning Tips into Trees Did you know...? Thanks to the dedicated LaboraTree members in laboratories throughout the UK, over 2,450 trees have now been planted across the country and are helping make a difference to our environment. Plus, since November 2022 the scheme became even greener. We halved the number of tokens required to just 15 per tree, so that together we can plant twice as many trees. Alpha Laboratories offers a recycling programme for non-hazardous plastics for it’s UK based customers. Turn your used laboratory plastics back into something equally useful while reducing the environmental impact of plastic manufacturing. We can recycle high density polyethylene (HDPE), low density polyethylene (LDPE), Polypropylene (PP) and Polycarbonate (PC) originally purchased from us. We cannot recycle or accept hazardous materials, so please do not place any contaminated plastics into the bag. The plastics are rinsed to remove any paper labels or stickers and then finely ground and melted. It is then mixed with plastic residues from recycled printer cartridges, which make all the plastic black. The molten plastic falls through a sieve and is rapidly cooled to form small plastic beads. The recycled plastic beads are used by various production facilities in the manufacture of new plastic products, such as plant pots and toys, black drainage pipes, traffic cones, bottles and wheelie bins. It’s easy to register, the service is free of charge and you’ll be doing your ‘bit’ towards easing the environmental cost of science. Simply complete the recycling form on our website at, phone us FREE on 0800 38 77 32 or email us at Recycling Scheme Fromthe Laboratory To the recycling plant Converted to pellets