Sustainability Brochure Fastrak® for the Future Our most sustainable range of products is our Fastrak range. This boasts advantages compared to other products, from its sustainable manufacturing to the improved design, ensuring a reduced environmental impact. Compared to other products on the market, Fastrak is lighter, smaller, and overall uses less packaging. The packaging has been designed to use the absolute minimal need of materials, helping to reduce weight and fuel needed for transportation. ✓Tip refill system uses minimal packaging ✓Production utilises 61% renewable energy ✓Base made of bioplastic (plant derived) resin ✓95% renewable packaging material ✓Uses vegetable based printing inks Find out more at: All packaging materials are fully recyclable Carton Recyclable Bioplastic Stack Base Tip Platform Transfer Top Minimal Packaging Fastrak Extra-thin Tip Wafer Typical Tip Tray from Other Brands More Sustainable Products Did you know...? Fastrak pipette tip refills start their green life from birth. They are produced in a factory that uses 61% renewable energy, 30% of which comes directly from the facility’s own solar panels. Fastrak provides Fast Racking, Less Packing, Quality Tips. It is just one example of products from Alpha Laboratories that provide you great performance for your science with a reduced environmental impact. ZAP™ Premier filter tips are the perfect partner for Fastrak as their compatible racks can be reused, by refilling with Fastrak tips, to reduce plastic waste. Choosing appropriately sized tubes for your sample volume can make a big difference to reducing plastic usage. We offer a range of tubes in sizes from 0.2ml to 50ml. Our racked centrifuge tubes are now provided in cardboard racks instead of styrofoam. Strip PCR tubes and seals provide an environmentally conscious option over using a whole plate, when working with fewer samples. A Green Choice Without Compromise Pipette Tip Refill System Pack Weight Usable Product Packaging Renewable Packaging Materials 60.2% 95% 52.7% 0.5% 48.0% 0% 41.0% 0.2% 36.6% 0.5% 31.9% 0.5% 450g 39.8% 47.3% 52.0% 59.0% 63.4% 68.1% 510g 560g 650g 730g 840g Images courtesy of Labcon