SpeciSafe Compatibility Chart

Cat. No. Description Pack Size No. of Inserts Range of compatible lids SH1500SS Mailer 2x containers 40/60/90ml 160 2 NOTE: Caps must be purchased separately from tubes unless stated as included. SH1000 UN3373 labelled opaque polythene C5 envelope 500 SH1010 100 Compatible 95kPa Tubes ContainerQty. SpeciSafe Compatibility Chart SH1500SS SC5560SJ EveryDay 60ml Container (lids sold seperately) 500 2 IR1380 60ml Container No label with plastic cap 300 2 IR1381 60ml Container printed label with plastic cap 300 2 IR1382 60ml Container plain label with plastic cap 300 2 All Alpha Laboratories tubes listed in this table are 95kPa tested and suitable for use with SpeciSafe packs to comply with UN3373 regulations. Other SpeciSafe packs are available to accommodate Cryovials, Universals, Vacutainers, 30ml Universals etc. Please enquire. Lid Ordering Information: ***SC5560C* - For lid colours add suffix as follows: O=Orange, P=Purple, R=Red, Y=Yellow and W=White. PLEASE NOTE: The total volume which 3x30ml Universal Containers can contain exceeds the maximum volume permitted to be transported by Royal Mail. SC5560C* Lids