GRI Sustainability Report

9 Employees During the reporting year we employed 76 staff, 65% female; 35% male. All our staff are employed on a permanent basis. We support both part-time and full-time working patterns, which assists the needs of employees with young families or care responsibilities. Our existing members of staff and job applicants are treated fairly in accordance with the nine protected characteristics outlined by the Equality Act 2010. Governance Board of Directors: Name Age Range Board Role Ethic Origin Country of Residence Nathan Giles 45-54 Shareholder/Chairperson White British UK Rob Vint 55-64 Shareholder/Managing Director White British UK Anne Giles 65-74 Shareholder/Secretary White British UK Ann Giles 45-54 Shareholder/Secretary White British UK Talia Giles 35-44 Shareholder White British UK Our organisation maintains a flat company structure which promotes improved communication through all levels of governance. The development and success of the company are significantly influenced by these divisions. i The highest level of governance is performed by the Board of Directors, led by the Chairman. i On a day-to-day basis, the Managing Director (MD) is the senior leader. i The MD is supported by the Senior Management team (OM2), individual directors responsible and accountable for their specific areas of the business. Employment Type Employee Gender 75% - Full time 25% - Part time 35% - Male 65% - Female