GRI Sustainability Report

Energy Management and Consumption Using our sustainability strategy to guide us, we always look to preserve natural resources and protect the environment by reducing waste and reusing or recycling materials. For example, within our warehouse we re-use packaging to protect our products during shipping, helping reduce waste, keeping packaging costs down, without compromising product quality. Alpha Laboratories has been ISO14001 certified environmental management system for over a decade, reducing the impact of the energy we use has always been a key objective. Our energy data is collected annually to help complete our carbon footprint following the Greenhouse Gas Protocol guidelines for data collection along with ISO 14064-1 guidelines. Our Carbon footprint has been externally verified by an independent third party in line with 14064-3. During 2021-22, Alpha’s total energy consumption from natural gas and electricity was 100, 196.3 kWh. Electricity is the main energy source for Alpha, with close to a 69% share (68, 877.3kWh) of all energy consumed. This has led to the financial investment and installation of solar panels, which we expect to support 98% of our electricity consumption during the summer months. Reporting Year 2021-22 Natural Gas 31,319 kWh Electricity 68,877.3 kWh Total Energy Consumption 100,196.3 kWh Emissions Management As a key supplier to the NHS, we have published our Carbon Reduction Plan on our website available to all stakeholders. This details a breakdown of our carbon footprint and further energy reduction projects; past, present, and future, focusing on its positive impacts to our economy, environment, and people. As a supplier to the NHS, Alpha is also committed to complying with the NHS Social Value Charter and the NHS Evergreen Assessment. Alpha will reduce its emissions in line with NHS emission reductions and ensure no more than 5% of Scope 1 and 2 emissions and 10% of Scope 3 residual emissions remain by 2045. Carbon Footprint and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Alpha has been monitoring its carbon footprint for several years with previous baseline year emissions calculated from the 2018/19 financial year. Due to a change in methodology in the latest reporting period, Alpha reset its baseline year to 2021/22. Carbon footprint reporting includes 20