GRI Sustainability Report

Employee Protection Individuals, both permanent and contract, are paid above the UK minimum wage to protect their rights. Alpha expects all suppliers and service providers to abide by minimum wage and living wage legislation and labour laws in their region at a minimum. Procurement Practices Procurement is a critical aspect of Alpha’s operations as it is directly influenced by the sustainability and resilience of our supply chain. The company recognises that responsible procurement can reduce environmental impacts, promote ethical practices, and support local communities. Sustainable procurement can have additional economic benefits by promoting local economic development and increasing employment opportunities. Operating from a single location in Hampshire, UK, we choose to prioritise the ‘local’ sourcing of products from UK businesses wherever possible to continue to support our economy. This is reflected in our ethos and senior management team as all members are from our local Hampshire and surrounding area. Supplier Manufacturing Locations By Continent Europe - 26% UK - 25% North America - 28% Asia - 16% Multi-location - 5% 18