GRI Sustainability Report

17 Economic Impacts Our market presence and procurement are essential in ensuring we exercise corporate responsibility. Prioritising the sourcing of products and services within the UK and assisting our suppliers in optimising their own supply chains will help us achieve a more sustainable sourcing and manufacturing approach. Market Presence As the company continues to grow, we stay sensitive to market changes and look forward to playing an active role in promoting sustainable development. Market Progress Alpha Laboratories operates globally, with the predominant market in the UK and Ireland. The UK market offers unique opportunities to provide high-quality services and products through partnerships with hospitals, clinics, medical research laboratories and other organisations. Business with the NHS represents 52% of Alpha’s primary sales, emphasising the quality of products and services offered. Internationally, we supply general laboratory equipment and consumables, with our export sales accounting for 6% our business. To ensure high quality customer service we have international partners from various regions to provide opportunities to trade in local languages and currencies. These international partners are supported by a dedicated team in the UK to ensure that customers receive the best experience.