GRI Sustainability Report

15 Stakeholder Engagement Through our collaborative efforts with stakeholders and the broader supply chain, we work towards creating a sustainable future whilst being accountable for our environmental and social impacts. We aim to attract socially responsible investors, customers, and partners who value our commitment to sustainability. To actively engage various stakeholders, we frequently attend national exhibitions such as BSG (British Society of Gastroenterology Annual Conference) and IBMS (Institute of Biomedical Scientists) Congress, helping us stay connected with customers and like-minded industry suppliers. Customers We have dedicated field and office-based teams whose responsibility is to respond to our customer needs, supporting customers, responding to feedback, and seeking to process requests effectively and efficiently. Customers can submit feedback via our website, telephone, and email channels. Employees We protect our employees’ labour rights and prioritise ethical behaviour, diversity, and wellbeing. We regularly conduct employee surveys to actively seek ways to improve job satisfaction and retention. We provide our employees with training and development opportunities to aid career progression. Suppliers We see the working relationship with our suppliers as a key component to meeting the needs of our customers. Dedicated Product Managers manage individual suppliers, regularly meeting at annual industry events, via Teams and during site visits. Local Community We have several on-going schemes and projects which allow us to make positive impacts with different charitable and educational organisations.