GRI Sustainability Report

Policy Commitments Our policies articulate our position on specific areas of business conduct and provide guidance to our employees and other stakeholders on how to address these areas. Code of Conduct Alpha Laboratories Ltd.’s overriding principle is to act responsibly and ethically in all business and social accountability areas and to respect the rights and dignity of all employees and external business partners in compliance with the country’s laws. Social Policy We have several policies detailing our expectations for ethical and transparent business practices both within Alpha and within our supply chain – promoting equality and diversity, complying with relevant legislation, safeguarding against modern slavery, ensuring fair pay for all and a safe, healthy, and secure workplace. Sustainability Policies We have developed several sustainable policies to encourage more sustainable behaviour both internally with our staff and working environment but also within our suppliers and stakeholders. Our Sustainable Travel Policy: i Promotes the understanding of the environmental impacts of travel. i Encouraging the use of lower-carbon methods of transport. i Supports a reduction in the overall number of journeys, where possible. Our Sustainable and Ethical Procurement Policy: i Encouraging suppliers to consider sustainability within their own procurement process. i Raising awareness to risks within the supply chain regarding modern day slavery and other ethical considerations. 14