GRI Sustainability Report

Planet Alpha Laboratories has aligned its target with the NHS and is committed to achieving operational Net Zero Carbon emissions by 2040 (Scopes 1 and 2), and by 2045 for our broader Organisational emissions. We have committed to annually monitoring and publishing our carbon footprint to allow for transparency and accountability of our impact on the environment. To achieve this Alpha has implemented some meaningful activities including; i Office refurbishment to improve the environmental performance of our buildings, reducing our reliance on natural gas and electricity. i We have transitioned to electric and hybrid car fleet. i For several years, we have subscribed to a “Green” electricity tariff and to further reduce our dependence on fossil fuels we have installed solar panels at our headquarters. i We are actioning our sustainability commitments by investing in the local environment and actively working to improve our positive impact on the planet. i Our LaboraTree tree planting scheme creates a positive impact for our customers and the environment. Image Left: Bug Hotel at Alpha Headquarters to encourage invertebrate diversity. 12