Leading Edge 2022 Issue 2

10 LEADING EDGE - 2022-2 Continued... The results of these stability studies give rise to key recommendations for laboratories wishing to run the Flow CAST assay, as summarised in Table 1; below. • EDTA whole blood samples stored at 2-8C allows for a window of 48 hours until the assay needs to be performed • The changes to Flow CAST to include the stabiliser in the wash buffer prolongs the stability of activated and fixed basophils, up to 10 days at 2-8C (protected from light) and up to 2 days at room temperature (protected from light) Extended Blood Sample Logistics These recommendations allow for extended blood sample logistics, giving the laboratory time to process the samples once they are received, and further time to analyse the samples after completion of the protocol, in case instrumentation isn’t available. This allows for an improved workflow solution and enables the laboratory to optimise its time and resources. References; 1. Alexandra F. Santos, Abdel Douiri, Natalia Bécares, Shih-Ying Wu, Alick Stephens, Suzana Radulovic, Susan M.H. Chan, Adam T. Fox, George Du Toit, Victor Turcanu, Gideon Lack, 2. Basophil activation test discriminates between allergy and tolerance in peanutsensitized children, Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, Volume 134, Issue 3, 2014, Pages 645-652, ISSN 0091-6749, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jaci.2014.04.039. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/ article/pii/S0091674914007283 3. Higher Basophil Activation Test Performance Flexibility by Prolonged Assay Read-Out of Fixed Cells, Dominik Vogt, Anna Melone, Martina Berchtold, Michele Romano, Collin Shaw, Nathanael Beck, Michael Schneider, Thomas Schuster, Christian-B. Gerhold and Michael Gerspach, BÜHLMANN Laboratories AG, Schönenbuch, Switzerland Stability Study Temperature Recommendation of max. storage time i) Storage of unprocessed EDTA whole blood 2-8°C 48 hours 28°C 24 hours ii) Storage of fixed cells after processing with standard protocol 2-8°C 5 days 28°C 48 hours Table 1: Recommended storage conditions for blood and processed cell stability For more information, visit our website alphalabs.co.uk/cast Meet The Team... Khanyile Dube Alpha Laboratories’ New Product Manager Khanyile Dube recently joined Alpha Laboratories as the new Faecal Immunochemical Testing (FIT) Product Manager. She is an adaptable research professional with over 5 years’ experience in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. She has demonstrated talent for strong multi-disciplinary relationships in support with key stakeholders and the delivery of unique scientific projects. After gaining my PhD in cancer research, I started a laboratory focused career in the Biotechnology industry, initially working in the development of animal vaccines and later the production of diagnostic testing kits and reagents. I thoroughly enjoyed the product development process and began to explore the possibility of expanding my skills further. An opportunity at Alpha Laboratories was very attractive as it allows me to exercise my leadership skills in managing the product throughout its life cycle, understanding customer requirements, defining the product vision, and engineering to deliver winning products. I am also very excited to work closely with our dedicated partners, Bowel Cancer Screening and Symptomatic hubs and to form relationships with various Key Opinion Leaders to ensure the FIT Testing service at Alpha Laboratories is always advancing to meet clinical needs. Recently I had the opportunity to travel to Minaris Medical Co., Ltd in Japan for hands on product training. I gained extensive knowledge on the HM-JACKarc system from installation, maintenance and at operational level. This was also a chance to discuss means of enhancing delivery of FIT products, particularly with a significant increase in demand. My visit enhanced understanding of the FIT product life cycle, observing various departments from Research and Development to Quality Control. I also shared Alpha Laboratories’ mission to supply more sustainable products, which was met with positive feedback. I look forward to more opportunities to further bridge the gap between our suppliers and FIT service users. When I am not working, I love cooking and experimenting on new recipes as I am an aspiring vegan! I absolutely love travelling and so, now and again I take a risk with solo travelling to countries I have never been before. I also enjoy working out at the gym and listening to deep house music on long drives. On a relaxing day, you might also find me at a Spa or reading a good non-fictional book. Contact Khanyile by email: kdube@alphalabs.co.uk