Leading Edge 2021 Issue 2

www.alphalabs.co.uk 15 CRYOcheck™ LA Sure is used following CRYOcheck™ LA check in the screening phase. It has a high phospholipid concentration that neutralises LA and therefore demonstrates the correction needed to report positive LA results with confidence. Alternatively, a platelet lysate, such as CRYOcheck™ Platelet Lysate can be used as a source of phospholipids, intended for use in the platelet neutralization procedure (PNP), used to detect lupus anticoagulants (LA). In either of these methods, if the clot time is corrected; meaning that the confirmatory test is positive, ISTH recommends that a retest be completed in 12 weeks. This is to allow rule out of a possible transient disorder as opposed to an autoantibody disorder. Hexagonal Phase Phospholipids Hexagonal phase phospholipids have been shown to have a superior immunogenic response to LA when compared to bilayer or lamellar phospholipids arrangements. Additionally, an integrated assay “weak” LA that prolongs clotting times above a patient’s baseline, but not above the RI, are more likely to be detected. In this situation, non-agreement between screen and confirm components of the test may reveal LA where a APTT based screening test alone would not. This provides a testing algorithm with easy interpretation of positive results and less ambiguity around negative results. Integrated Screen and Confirm The CRYOcheck™ Hex LA kit satisfies all three testing criteria from CLSI and ISTH for LA diagnosis (Screening, Confirmatory, and Mixing tests). It is an integrated (screen and confirm) silica-based APTT assay and has been designed to work on many common automated coagulation analysers. The Hex LA kit gives a simple, fast method for LA detection as part of a LA test panel. This allows the reagents to be loaded faster and report LA results with confidence. Fresh is Best The Precision BioLogic CRYOcheck™ range of products are all fresh frozen plasmas, required to be frozen at -80C. The products are easy to prepare. Simply thaw in a water bath for a few minutes and the products are ready to use. Unlike lyophilised products, they do not need to be reconstituted - not only does this save time, but it also eliminates reconstitution errors. Cost Savings With a shelf life of 2-3 years from the date of manufacture, paired with the different pack sizes that are available, there is something to suit any lab’s needs, with a lower risk of products going out of date before use. They are platform independent - they can be used on any analyser with any combination of reagents. This provides a simple, fast method for LA detection as part of an LA test panel, adding up to a dramatic time savings by allowing for quicker reagent loading and ensuring the ability to report LA results with confidence. References www.southtees.nhs.uk/services/pathology/tests/ lupus-anticoagulant/ www.labtestsonline.org.uk/tests/lupusanticoagulant www.islh.org/web/downloads/2020-LAC-guidanceJTH-16859413.pdf For more information on Lupus and the extensive range of Precision Biologic kits and Control/Reference plasmas we have available, please visit www.alphalabs.co.uk/lupus