Leading Edge 2020 Issue 1

4 LEADING EDGE - 2020-1 Cancer is the leading cause of death in the South West. The South West Cancer Network is responsible for working with providers, commissioners and other partners in the new NHS architecture to deliver patient focused improvements in outcomes and experiences. The national cancer strategy; Achieving World Class Cancer Outcomes: A strategy for England 2015 – 2020 set an exciting vision for the transformation of cancer services to radically improve cancer outcomes and to ensure that patients can benefit from high quality modern services. There are six major themes around how this will be achieved, spanning all partners involved in delivering cancer services locally. These are prevention and public health, early and earlier diagnosis, improving patient experience, support to patients living with and beyond cancer, high quality modern services and new approaches to the commissioning and provision of services. Central to delivering this agenda are the Cancer Alliances, as the delivery vehicle for implementing the strategy, meeting the challenges set out in the Five Year Forward View and the local sustainability and transformation plan. The Cancer Alliances in the South West are: Peninsula (covering Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly) and SWAG (covering Somerset, Wiltshire, Avon and Gloucestershire). In June 2018 the South West Cancer Alliance (SWCA) implemented a faecal immunochemical testing (FIT) service for occult blood. To support its diagnostic pathway for colorectal cancer (CRC), this is aimed at the early detection of CRC in patients classed as “low risk” but not “no risk” . Providing access to FIT testing for General Practice is one of a number of programmes of work aimed at increasing the proportion of cancers diagnosed at an early stage. Now, with data from over 12 months experience of the programme, the SWCA has shared some key points regarding their route to a successful service implementation. The Patient’s Perspective To facilitate the service within SWCA a complete, bespoke, FIT Patient Pack was developed, to provide all the information and materials required by patients - from how to collect their sample, correct labelling, returning their test, to when to expect the results back. Working with the SWCA, the team at Alpha Laboratories designed the patient pack to meet their requirements and necessary logistics. A stock of packs was provided directly to GPs in the region. The GPs then gave one of these, during consultations, directly to individual patients meeting the FIT testing criteria. The patient pack contains; instructions for use (IFU), the sampling device, a test request form, and a sample return mailing envelope. Patient Friendly Sampling FIT requires the patient to perform the sampling at home with the testing device. Collecting a sample with the FIT device is simple and more hygienic compared, for example, to collecting onto a guaiac faecal occult blood card, or providing a faecal sample in a pot. This patient friendly ease of use does help to increase uptake of the test. Bespoke Patient Packs Help Support Cancer Testing Progress in the South West REQUEST FORM TO BE COMPLETED BY GP FAECAL IMMUNOCHEMICAL TEST (FIT) FOR OCCULT BLOOD USE BLOCK LETTERS & BALL POINT PEN Date issued to patient: NHS NO: SPECIMEN: Faecal Sample SURNAME: INDICATIONS - MUST BE COMPLETED A REQUEST WITH NO INDICATIONS OR FROM PATIENTS <50 YEARS WILL NOT BE PROCESSED For use in people who have symptoms that could suggest colorectal cancer, but in whom a diagnosis of cancer is unlikely. Clinical indications defined by NICE in patients without rectal bleeding: Aged over 50 with: unexplained abdominal pain or weight loss Aged 50 - 60 with: changes in bowel habit or iron deficiency anaemia Aged 60 or over and have anaemia without iron deficiency FORENAME(S): MALE FEMALE Date of Birth DD MM YY If preferred use an addressograph label REQUESTED BY: Pathology Sciences Laboratory Southmead Hospital Bristol BS10 5NB Tel: 0117 414 8424 Email: Nbn-tr.nbtfit@nhs.net Website: www.nbt.nhs.uk/FIT_testing Practice Details (Code and Address) R P n a 2 Write your name and date of birth ANDthe date that the sample was taken on the label on the green bag. You may find a way that is easier for you, but make sure you catch your stool sample before it touches the water. 1 Write your name, date the sample was taken AND date of birth on the tube labels as shown here. Start Here... Date of Birth 25.07.1957 H g Name Date of Sample 999XXX 80101274 2099.12.31 M / F A. Sample 20.04.2018 Instructions continued overleaf... NB: Please write the date of sample on the green bag. Patient Instructions for Collecting Your Sample If you would like more information about FIT testing visit www.nbt.nhs.uk/FIT_testing How to Collect Your Sample BEFORE YOU BEGIN.... Your GP has asked you to complete this test. It is important that you do this as soon as possible. Once completed post the kit straight away in the stamped addressed envelope provided. 3 HOW TO CATCH THE SAMPLE It is important that your stool sample does not touch the toilet water. There are different ways to collect your sample, try: A. Several layers of folded toilet paper B. Hand inside a small plastic bag/glove C. A clean disposable container Faecal Immunochemical Test (FIT) Pack Supplied by: Lot no: 230AGD Expiry: 30/04/2019 www.alphalabs.co.uk Ŷ If you are running out of packs email: Nbn-tr.nbtfit@nhs.net to obtain more Ŷ Ensure the issuing of this collection kit is recorded in case the sample is not collected or gets lost in the post DOCTOR PLEASE NOTE : You MUST complete the request form inside this pack, including recording the date it was issued, BEFORE handing over to the patient. Business Reply Licence Number RSAC–SYBY–CLTZ North Bristol NHS Tru t Clinical Biochemistry Southmead Hospital Southmead Road Bristol BS10 5NB TAFDDDDDAFTAAFDDFFTDFTDADATDDTADAAAT HOW to Pl 1. Preparation Write your NAME and Date of Birth on the Green Plastic Bag and Device. Carefully and slowly twist and pull out the Stick Part from Main BODY. H g Name Date of Sample 999123 80101274 2021.12.31 M / F I - E l 999123 2021.12.31 Name Date of Sample 80101274 Name Date of Sample 80101274 Date of Sample 80101274 M / F Date of Sampling (DD/MM/YYYY) NAME Mr Ms Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY) / / / /