Leading Edge 2020 Issue 1

www.alphalabs.co.uk 3 Printed on Recycled Paper Increased Sensitivity The kit includes all the components needed to prepare your patient samples for a modified Nijmegen-Bethesda assay. The assay recommends using a pre-analytical heat treatment step to inactivate endogenous Factor VIII, helping to increase the sensitivity of the assay. This also means that patients can be tested for inhibitors at any point, regardless of their treatment schedules. Improved Stability Precision BioLogic has validated bovine serum albumin (BSA) as a practical alternative to Factor VIII deficient plasma and has included this alternative in the new kit. BSA improves the stability of the assay, as well as reducing the inter-laboratory variation accumulated from different sources of Factor VIII deficient plasma. The kit includes two additional controls, an inhibitor positive and an inhibitor negative control, adding integrity to the assay and increasing the reliability of your results. Ready to Use Reagents All the components are frozen and ready to use; simply thaw in a water bath and the components are ready to use in minutes! Not only does this save you time, it also eliminates any reconstitution errors. Using frozen components improves laboratory efficiency, saves money, and allows for faster, more accurate results for your patients. Find out more at www.alphalabs.co.uk/cccf08 NewCRYOcheck™ Chromogenic Factor VIII Assay ■Chromogenic assay for the determination of factor VIII activity in human plasma ■Convenient frozen format – ready to use within minutes, no reconstitution errors ■Intended for use on automated coagulation analysers ■Limit of quantification of 0.5% FVIII activity ■Test range of 0–200% FVIII using one standard curve Offers unsurpassed assurance in results, especially in cases of severe haemophilia A. Aids management of haemophilia A in individuals aged two years or older. Studies have shown the chromogenic method to be less prone to interference from lipids or traces of heparin than clot-based FVIII activity tests. Ready to use components Excellent repeatability and reproducibility Reduce inter-laboratory variation Pre-analytical heat treatment step, to inactivate endogenous Factor VIII FACTOR VIII INHIBITOR ASSAY Fresh frozen plasmas are more representative of patient samples and offer faster turnaround times. Due to their frozen nature, these products have a longer shelf life, meaning less wastage from expired product and fewer lot changeovers. Platform Independent The CRYOcheck Factor VIII Inhibitor kit has been designed to seamlessly fit in with your laboratory practices. The kit is platform independent and can be used on any coagulation analyser with any combination of reagents. The Factor VIII activity can be measured using a one-stage clot-based assay or a chromogenic assay. For more information on the new CRYOcheck Factor VIII Inhibitor kit, please visit: www.alphalabs.co.uk/factor-viii or for details on the full range of haemostasis products including CRYOcheck frozen plasmas, please visit: www.alphalabs.co.uk/haemostasis.