Leading Edge 2020 Issue 1

40 Parham Drive, Eastleigh, Hampshire, SO50 4NU, UK Tel: 023 8048 3000 | Email: sales@alphalabs.co.uk Web: www.alphalabs.co.uk Registered in England 1215816 LEADING EDGE - 2020-1 If undelivered please return to 40 Parham Drive, Eastleigh, Hampshire, SO50 4NU The success of your application is highly dependent on the quality and performance of the instruments that you use for your science. But just as important is choosing a professional service partner with a consultative approach to solving your service and maintenance needs. Such a partnership will give you confidence in your results and ensure your compliance with regulatory requirements. Alpha Laboratories’ dedicated Service Technicians are on hand to fix and maintain your laboratory equipment to the highest levels. The regular service and maintenance of diagnostic laboratory equipment is essential to ensure the quality of clinical results. It also minimises the risk of unplanned downtime and interruption of workflow, helping you to provide the best possible pathology service. However, with routinely used equipment there may be times when something needs urgent attention and our team of skilled technical experts are on hand to come to your rescue. You can trust Alpha Laboratories to take care of your instrument service and repair needs, giving you the confidence in the results you provide to your clinicians and patients. We provide expertise for the HM-JACKarc FIT analyser, the Dynex DS2 ELISA processor and the BioData PAP-8E platelet aggregometer. We also provide expert pipette service and calibration carried out by Sartorius, our ISO 17025 accredited partner. Visit our dedicated new website www.alphalabservice.co.uk to find out more. Here you will find: ■ Useful documentation to support your instruments including operation guides ■ Advice on choice of calibration and service levels for pipettes ■ FAQs ■ Service request and decontamination forms Expanding our team of Technical Specialists, Gina Sanki has recently joined Alpha Laboratories. Gina brings a wealth of experience gained working within the NHS, as she explains: “ I graduated from Cardiff University in 2009 with a BSc (Hons) in Biochemistry. Following this I worked briefly as a HTO in the NHS Blood and Transplant centre in Bristol, then took a few months out to go travelling around Costa Rica. On returning to the UK I began a four year training post in the NHS as a Clinical Biochemist (including an MSc in Clinical Biochemistry) and was fortunate enough to then gain a substantive post at the end of my training. I then worked as a Senior Clinical Biochemist for the following five years. I am looking forward to my new role, and I hope that working in the NHS for the past nine years will enable me to provide experienced support to Alpha Laboratories’ customers. Sports I have a slightly different sporting hobby, I train in static trapeze! It’s a great way to keep fit and I have been able to perform at one open air event in Wales so far, but hopefully I will be able to perform more in the future. As well as trapeze, I also compete and train in agility with my two dogs; a Jack Russell Terrier called Stewie and a large Lurcher cross called Ollie; we are only in the early stages of competing and it’s all about the fun for us. Pets Together with my two dogs, I also have two cats; a Bengal called Zac and a rescue called Milo. Surprisingly all four animals get on very well and can quite often be found sleeping together on the sofa. Food I like a variety of food, in particular Lebanese if eating out for special occasions. I also like to bake for friends and family, and a favourite with them is my courgette and lemon cake (tastes better than it sounds!). Favourite Film I love a good cartoon film, with most Disney/ Pixar films being in my top 10. Coco is a particular favourite at the moment, although I may be slightly biased as the main canine character has a strong resemblance to my Lurcher!” Getting to Know You