LabVantage 2022 Issue 1

Amazing Savings on Sample Collection & UN3373 Compliant Transport Packaging 2022 | Issue 1 Special Offers on Sample and Liquid Handling Quality & Value for Your Lab Plus LIQUID HANDLING ■APEX® Filter Tips - Save up to 42% SAMPLE HANDLING ■Swabs - Up to 70% off Transport and Plain Swabs ■CapilliSafe™ - Simple blood collection pipette ■New Large Volume and MetalFree™ Centrifuge Tubes ■ShuttlePouch™ - Reduced plastic 95kPa pouch ■SpeciSafe® - Rigid secondary sample containment ■Complete UN3373 compliant packaging systems Inside this issue »

2 Order via: | SAMPLE HANDLING MOLECULAR BIOLOGY LIQUID HANDLIN For over 45 years Alpha Laboratories has been supplying the NHS with quality laboratory and diagnostic consumables. Our broad range of swabs is ideal for collecting and transporting virological, bacteriological, serological and cytological samples. ■ Swabs that are Œ marked for IVD, conform to the MDD 93/42/EEC for Class IIa ■ The swabs are manufactured in ISO class 8 or higher clean room conditions, under an ISO 13485 accredited quality system ■ Certified free of PCR inhibitors, human DNA, RNase, DNase and pyrogens ■ Where swabs are marked as sterile this is by irradiation or EtO ■ Available in various packaging formats: □ Bulk packs ideal for diagnostic kit assembly □ Single swab peel-packs ideal for POC testing Quality Verification The swabs are manufactured in an environment only accessed by specially trained personnel, wearing protective clothing. Products with a sterility assurance level (SAL) of 10–6 carry the blue Sterile Plus mark. Products certified free of PCR inhibitors have the yellow PCR Ready mark. To ensure and improve sustainable product quality, every batch is reviewed by an independent laboratory. Swabs for Oral and Nasopharyngeal Sample Collection Find out more about the full range of swabs at: DISCOUNTS OF UP TO 70% NOW AVAILABLE

SAVE OVER 50% OFFER C D LV216 3 Contact Customer Services on: 0800 38 77 32 Product Code SW1010 09-812-8055 Description Culture Swab in Tube Polystyrene Stick Viscose Tip Sterile Plain Swab, Single Peel-Pack, Break Point 80mm Sterility Sterile IRR Sterile EtO Shelf Life 48 Months 36 Months Œ Marked Œ IVD Œ IVD Shaft Material Polystyrene Polystyrene Shaft Length 150mm 150mm Swab Material Viscose Viscose Swab Diameter Ø4.0mm Ø4.0mm Tube/Cap Material Polypropylene/ Polyethylene N/A Tube Dimensions Ø12x165mm N/A Transport Media None N/A Suitable for COVID-19 Yes Yes Pack Size 500 10x100 List Price ex. VAT £462.00 £495.00 Offer Price ex. VAT £231.00 £125.00 Custom Solutions The range of available swabs is not exhaustive. Alpha Laboratories has the capacity and expertise to quickly respond to unique customer requirements. For example if you need a swab with a specific break point to fit your tube, we can help. Here to Help Please enquire for more information on how we can accommodate your individual requirements. Find out more and order online at: Order Online or Quote Offer Code LV216 to Save up to 70% off Swabs.

4 Order via: | SAMPLE HANDLING MOLECULAR BIOLOGY LIQUID HANDLIN CapilliSafe™ Pastettes allow for blood sample collection and dispensing from a single plastic pipette. Each pipette fills easily to a pre-set volume using capillary action. No mechanical aspiration... no air bubbles... no wasted samples. Dispense the sample easily by pressing the bulb. No additional bulbs, dispensers or other mechanical devices are necessary. CapilliSafe™ Pastettes Easily Collect Blood Droplets from a Finger Stick Replace Glass Capillaries The CapilliSafe Pastettes provide an easy and convenient method to collect blood droplets from a finger stick via capillary action. They are the ideal solution to replace glass capillary tubes for blood sample collection. Constructed from flexible polyethylene, CapilliSafe Pastettes are safer and less expensive than glass tubes and dispense blood quickly without the need for anti-coagulant coatings. Specific Volume Delivery These single-use pipettes collect and dispense a specific volume (25µl) of blood at ±15% whilst minimising the occurrence of air bubbles in the collection tube. An air vent is strategically positioned on the sidewall of the tube. This allows air to vent automatically, while controlling sample volume. Non-Sterile They are supplied non-sterile and are intended for surface use only. They must not be used beneath the skin. The pipettes can also be used to collect and dispense other fluids. They are not intended for long-term sample storage. Perfect for Use in Diagnostics Kits CapilliSafe Pastettes are not currently CE marked but are perfect for use in point of care diagnostic kits, where the whole kit will be CE marked. SAVE OVER 40% ON 25µL CAPILLISAFE PASTETTES

OFFER CODE LV217 5 Contact Customer Services on: 0800 38 77 32 CapilliSafe™ Pastette - Ordering Information Product Code Description Pack Size List Price ex. VAT Offer Price ex. VAT LW4425 25µl CapilliSafe Pastette 10 x 500 £416.38 £235.00 A 50µl CapilliSafe is also available (LW4450) see our website for details 1. Prick the finger with a lancet or similar implement and wait for a drop of blood to form. 2. Hold the CapilliSafe Pastette horizontally and contact the tip of the pipette to the blood droplet. DO NOT SQUEEZE THE BULB, DRAW IS AUTOMATIC. Tip the bulb end down if slow to draw. It is important that you do not clog the vent hole when using the CapilliSafe Pastette. 3. Capillary action will automatically draw the sample to the fill line and stop. 4. To expel the sample, hold the CapilliSafe Pastette vertically, align the tip with the sample target and squeeze the bulb. This should be done within 30 seconds of filling. How to use CapilliSafe™ Pastettes Find out more and order online at: Order Online or Quote Offer Code LV217 to Save Over 40%.

6 Order via: | SAMPLE HANDLING MOLECULAR BIOLOGY LIQUID HANDLIN New Large Volume Centrifuge Tubes Reusable Performance. Disposable Convenience. Large Volume Centrifuge Tubes - Ordering Information Product Code Description Pack Size List Price ex. VAT CT17522 175ml Large Volume Centrifuge Tube 6 x 2 £50.00 CT17522S 175ml Sterile Large Volume Centrifuge Tube 6 x 2 £53.00 CT22522 225ml Large Volume Centrifuge Tube 6 x 2 £58.00 CT22522S 225ml Sterile Large Volume Centrifuge Tube 6 x 2 £62.00 These tubes have been designed for clarifying large volume samples and within tissue culture work. Withstanding centrifugation forces of up to 8,000g, these tubes provide the performance of a reusable tube with the convenience of easy disposal. Featuring smooth inner walls, necessary for concentrating live cells during tissue culture, they are manufactured from quality medical grade 100% virgin polypropylene, with resins free from Oleamide, diHEMDA and Phthalate. Both the tubes and caps are autoclavable and freezable, suitable for use within temperatures ranging from -80°C to 122°C. Each tube has an external diameter of 61x117mm, and contains easy to read moulded graduations in 25ml increments, along with a moulded writing/ labelling panel for sample identification. All tubes are lot tested and certified free from BSE/TSE, ATP, RNase, DNase and Endotoxin/ Pyrogen. They are sealed with an easy-grip polypropylene flat cap, containing a co-moulded elastomeric ring with provides liquid tight sealing to prevent evaporation and sample leakages. The tubes fit most standard large centrifuge rotor cushions of floor and benchtop models. Conveniently sealed packs of 2, this eliminates the need to decontaminate unused tubes. Find out more and order online at:

NEW PRODUCTS! 7 Contact Customer Services on: 0800 38 77 32 New MetalFree® Centrifuge Tubes For Sensitive Applications Requiring Ultra-low Levels of Common Trace Metals MetalFree® Centrifuge Tubes have been produced to ensure that key trace metals are kept below one part per billion (1ppb). They are designed for the centrifugation and storage of samples affected by trace metals; providing a solution to the increasing awareness surrounding how trace metal presence causes experimental anomalies. With thick and durable walls, MetalFree tubes withstand high centrifugation forces: up to 17,000g for 15ml tubes and up to 20,000g for the 50ml tubes. Plus, the tubes remain functional within temperatures ranging from -80°C to 122°C, so are suitable for autoclaving and freezing. Confidently spin, store, and freeze your samples with easy to read forwards and backwards 0.5ml incremented graduations (accurate to ± 5%), along with max fill and freeze lines. MetalFree® Centrifuge Tubes - Ordering Information Product Code Description Pack Size List Price ex. VAT CT1522LS MetalFree Centrifuge Tube 15ml Loose Sterile 2 x 50 £28.00 CT1522RS MetalFree Centrifuge Tube 15ml Racked Sterile 4 x 25 £38.00 CT5022LS MetalFree Centrifuge Tube 50ml Loose Sterile 2 x 50 £38.00 CT5022RS MetalFree Centrifuge Tube 50ml Racked Sterile 4 x 25 £44.00 Find out more and order online at: A large smudge resistant panel allows the tubes themselves to be labelled for sample identification, and the flat style caps are made from easy to label colourant free polyethylene. Tubes are lot tested, certifying them free from ATP, RNase, DNase, and Endotoxin/Pyrogen. Uniquely manufactured, these tubes are made from 100% virgin ultra-low metal medical grade polypropylene resins, free from Oleamide, diHEMDA and phthalate. Taking a positive environmental stance, these tubes are manufactured via waste free moulding machinery, with printed graduations UV-cured, a process mitigating the release of VOC pollutants. Racks are made of ecofriendly patented fibre. They are perfect for: ■ Storage and analysis tasks that require extremely low levels of most common metals. ■ ICP-MS procedures ■ Environmental, soil and water analysis

8 Order via: | SAMPLE HANDLING MOLECULAR BIOLOGY LIQUID HANDLIN The award winning ShuttlePouch™ leak proof pouch is designed to carry individual 95kPa pressure differential certified blood specimen tubes (or any similar sized specimen tube). ShuttlePouch™ Cost Effective & User Friendly Specimen Transport Pouch This clever 95kPa leak-proof secondary ShuttlePouch contains an integrated super absorbent sheet with absorbent capacity of 10ml, for convenient compliance to UN3373 packaging requirements. It also features a transparent front so the tube and label are clearly visible. An easy to open tear area facilitates processing when the samples arrive at the lab. Each transport pouch is printed with easy-to-follow instructions showing how to pack and seal the specimen tube. Simply place the sealed pouch into a rigid outer packaging box for a complete and compliant UN3373 solution. Easy as 1, 2, 3... 1. Insert your sample tube. 2. Remove the cover to reveal the self-sealing strip, fold and seal. 3. Remove the second cover and fold the second seal over the top of the first, to fully secure the pouch. In addition, the 95kPa pressure differential compliant ShuttlePouch is certified for transport by air (IATA). With all the features described above, they can be used with any leak free tube for transport by road or air. Scan the QR code to watch the pressure testing comparison video. ShuttlePouch™ addresses the needs of customers, radically improving the user experience and reducing the cost of packing and shipping sample tubes compared with using conventional methods. SAVE 60% ON SHUTTLEPOUCH 95KPA POUCHES ShuttlePouch UN3373 Compliance Secondary packaging Absorbent sheet Tube separation 95kPa options Find out more and order online at:

SAVE OVER 50% OFFER C D LV218 9 Contact Customer Services on: 0800 38 77 32 Punched clean slot for easy tube insertion Compact sizes to reduce the plastic footprint Range of sizes available to suit all needs Rounded safety corners prevent injury risk Quick tear opening with a printed line of text for easy location Clear front panel for visibility of sample Leak-proof closure for UN3373 compliance Illustrated step by step instructions printed on the back of each pouch Absorbent sealed in the pouch so remains in place and minimises packing time in the laboratory Reducing the Volume of Single Use Plastic in Healthcare In recent years we have all become more aware of the problems plastic causes to our environment and the need to massively reduce the amount of plastic waste we create. Unfortunately, much of the single use plastic in healthcare is seemingly unavoidable, with a huge 25% of the waste generated by hospitals being plastic. Working with industry experts, the team at shuttlepac identified the many pain points plaguing the healthcare industry regarding the use of conventional 95kPa biohazard bags, including the massive plastic wastage. ShuttlePouch™ is the best in show when it comes to reducing plastic wastage and providing secure secondary storage for biological material. It uses up to 83% less plastic when compared to direct competitors (an average of 73% across the range of pouches available). The reduction in plastic usage means that, especially when it comes to home-test kits, swapping to the ShuttlePouch™ would have a noticeably positive environmental impact. UK Packaging Awards Flexible Plastic Pack of the Year 2021 - Winner! Up against some very tough competition including the likes of Asda, Birds Eye and Kingsmill, the judges were particularly impressed with shuttlepac’s contribution to reducing plastic and making a difference in the industry. ShuttlePouch™ - Order Online or Quote Offer Code LV218 to Save 60% Product Code Description Pack Size List Price ex. VAT Offer Price ex. VAT SHU-02-3 95kPa Pouch 59 x 190mm - 10ml absorbency 1000 £725.45 £ 290.20

10 Order via: | SAMPLE HANDLING MOLECULAR BIOLOGY LIQUID HANDLIN SpeciSafe® Ticks the Boxes for UN3373 Compliance Rigid Secondary Containment SpeciSafe is constructed of rigid, robust materials to provide shock-resistant primary container protection during transit. The clam-shell design features the bonded absorbent material on one side and the clear tube holder(s) on the other. The clear side enables sample and patient details to be easily visible without unpacking the tubes. It also means that in the event of tube compromise any leakage is clearly visible, alerting users and protecting them from any risk. SpeciSafe is user friendly, quick and intuitive to use. Simply insert your tubes and close the two sides together pressing all around the edges to seal. Leak-Proof Absorbent The unique bonded absorbent gel-block lining within SpeciSafe packs eliminates the need for added sheets of absorbent material. It also ensures there are no worries about whether enough material has been added to soak up the contents of the primary containers. Whatever size SpeciSafe you use, it will always contain sufficient absorbent for the maximum volume of liquid within all the containers that can be held in the pack. And, when closed correctly (edges firmly pressed together) the SpeciSafe itself is completely leak-proof. Save on Postage Costs The rigidity of SpeciSafe means that they can be placed directly in a padded envelope or bag, ready for posting. What’s more, the SpeciSafe pack dimensions minimise postage costs. Depending on the sample vial size they can be mailed at large letter or small parcel rates.* *Please consult with your Royal Mail account manager. SAVE OVER £80 ON SINGLE BLOOD TUBE SPECISAFE Find out more at:

SAVE OVER 50% OFFER COD LV219 11 Contact Customer Services on: 0800 38 77 32 Transport Single Blood Tubes in SpeciSafe for Less! Ensure safe and compliant transport of evacuating blood collection tubes with SpeciSafe secondary mailing packs. This single place mailing pack is suitable for transport of Vacutainer, Vacuette or Vacutest blood collection tubes. Now save over £80 on our SpeciSafe for single blood type tubes, available in two design options, unbranded absorbent (SH0500) or Alpha/SpeciSafe branded (SH0500SS). SpeciSafe® for Blood Collection Tubes - Ordering Information Product Code Description Pack Size List Price ex. VAT Offer Price ex. VAT SH0500 SpeciSafe Packs to hold a Single Blood Type Tube up to 10.5ml*. Unbranded 500 £289.58 £205.00 SH0500SS SpeciSafe Packs to hold a Single Blood Type Tube up to 10.5ml*. Branded 500 £289.58 £205.00 *Please request a sample to check the fit of the blood tubes that you use, email: Outer Packaging to Complete Your Mailing System When used with the relevant 95kPa primary containers SpeciSafe packs just need appropriate outer packaging for mailing or courier transport. For road transport (ADR) this just needs to be a flexible envelope or bag, but for air transport (IATA) a rigid box is required. All must be correctly labelled with the UN3373 symbol. Visit: to view our full range of UN3373 compliant sample transport packaging solutions. SH0500 SH0500SS Find out more and order online at: Order Online or Quote Offer Code LV219 to Save Over £80.

SAVE OVER £1400 ON SAMPLE TRANSPORT SYSTEMS 12 Order via: | SAMPLE HANDLING MOLECULAR BIOLOGY LIQUID HANDLIN Complete UN3373 Packaging Boxes, Bags, Absorbents and Labels for Compliance Find out more online at: Your samples aren’t always in standard sized containers, so sometimes you need a packaging system which is flexible enough to adapt as your samples do. Our convenient sample transport complete systems do just that, and make UN3373 compliance simple. They contain everything you need to meet P650 packaging instructions, including absorbent material, a 95kPa pressure tested secondary pouch, a rigid outer box and a security seal. Our kits offer a complete solution for sample containers which do not fit into either of the SpeciSafe or ShuttlePouch ranges, or where the primary sample container is not 95kPa compliant. For further information on UN3373 compliance to the dangerous good regulations take a look at our website which makes everything much easier to follow, and we have included resources to help you make the right decisions about packaging your samples. Don’t miss out on our latest special offer and get the RF95-LL1 complete UN3373 packaging system for just £1.22 per kit!

OFFER CODE LV220 13 Contact Customer Services on: 0800 38 77 32 Complete Kit Ordering Information Product Code Description Pack Size List Price ex. VAT Offer Price ex. VAT RF95-LL1-2K Sample transport system - 192x147x24mm Pallet of 2000 Packaging kits Supplied flat packed to minimise storage space requirements. 2000 £3,858.75 £2442.00 Find out more and order online at: Order Online or Quote Offer Code LV220 to Save Over £1400. Labelling: Full instructions for assembly, Space to add sender and addressee information, Regulatory Markings Packaging: Pallet of 2000 of each item The kits are supplied flat packed to minimise storage space requirements. LB001 AB001 RO-LL1 FS95-C5 RF95-LL1-2K Sample Transport System Contents: Rigid Box: RO-LL1 Dimensions 192 x 147 x 24mm 95kPa Pouch: FS95-C5 C5 150 x 205mm Absorbent: AB001 50ml absorbency 75 x 125mm Security Seal: LB001 Tamper evident adhesive closure Ideal ready-to-use system for creating diagnostic or other sample collection and return kits.

14 SAMPLE HANDLING MOLECULAR BIOLOGY LIQUID HANDLIN Order via: | Designed for Consistent Sample Dispensing with the Highest Accuracy and Precision The Affordable Choice Always striving to bring you high quality and the best performance, at an economical price, the APEX® range of pipette tips is available as part of Alpha Laboratories’ wide selection of liquid handling consumables. Manufactured in a state of the art production facility, APEX® tips are an excellent choice for laboratories looking for quality and affordability. Manufactured to Improve Pipetting Precision Each tip is graduated for easy volume checking, while the conical tip opening prevents drop formation at the end of the tip. This minimises sample loss and further improves pipetting precision. All the tips are manufactured from virgin polypropylene and filtered tips feature a hydrophobic polyethylene filter. The filter is manufactured from contaminant-free virgin resin with an average pore size of 5-20µm. This acts to block aerosols as well as vapour, radioactive, biohazardous or corrosive samples. Certified and Quality Assured Every batch of tips is required to pass the highest level of Quality Assurance testing. The tips are certified metal free as well as RNase, DNase DNA, Pyrogen and PCR Inhibitor free. These sterile tips are e-beam irradiated to ensure there is no contamination of your precious sample. ■ Filtered ■ Packaged in racks ■ Volumes – 10µl, 200µl and 1000µl ■ Universal fit with a wide variety of popular pipettes Find out more at: Never Compromise on Quality With the APEX® Range of Tips You Won’t Have To GREAT SAVINGS ON STERILE TIPS

OFFER CODE LV221 15 Contact Customer Services on: 0800 38 77 32 Universal Tip Fit The tips have a universal fit with enhanced cone geometry. This ensures compatibility with a wide range of popular brand pipette models, including the alpha+ range of pipettes. Scan the QR code below to take a see the full APEX Tips compatibility chart: APEX® Tips - Ordering Information Product Code Description Pack Size List Price ex. VAT Offer Price AT0010RSF Tip 0.1-10µl Racked Sterile Filtered APEX® 10 x 96 £63.00 £45.00 AT0010XLRSF Tip 0.1-10µl Extra Long Racked Sterile Filtered APEX® 10 x 96 £66.00 £44.00 AT0200RSF Tip 1-200µl Racked Sterile Filtered APEX® 10 x 96 £63.00 £44.00 AT1000RSF Tip 100-1000µl Racked Sterile Filtered APEX® 8 x 96 £66.00 £38.00 Already Great Value - Now Save Even More on Racked, Sterile Filter APEX Tips! Find out more and order online at: Order Online or Quote Offer Code LV221 to Save.

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