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3   +44 23 80 487209 2   +44 23 80 487209 Welcome to LabVantage Your magazine brought to you by Alpha Laboratories. We are delighted to bring you the latest issue of LabVantage, a specialist resource tailored exclusively for the scientific community. Our focus is on presenting you with the latest product news that cater to your every day lab needs and foster progress in your field. More products can be found on our new website: Our Commitment to Sustainability: Preserving Our Planet At Alpha Laboratories, we understand the significance of sustainable practices for a better future. As part of our commitment to environmental responsibility, we are dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint and promoting sustainability within the scientific realm. To learn more about our sustainability initiatives and partnerships, we encourage you to explore our dedicated pages: Here, you will find comprehensive information on our efforts to support eco-friendly practices. Thank you for being an integral part of the scientific community. The LabVantage Team Alpha Laboratories, 40 Parham Drive, Eastleigh, Hampshire, SO50 4NU, UK. Tel: +44 23 80 487209 Registered in England 1215816 New Alpha Laboratories’ Website 3 ACT on Climate Change with Fastrak® and FastZAP™ 4-5 Introducing FastZap™ Filter Tip Refills 6-7 People, Planet, Culture 8 SmartLid™ – The Smarter Way for Viral DNA/RNA Extraction 9 APEX® Tips for Consistent Performance 10-11 Fine Tip Pastette® 12-13 Preparation for Perfect PCR Performance 14-15 Colour-Code Your Lab! 16-17 In this issue: Alpha Laboratories launched a completely new website to support your Laboratory needs. Designed to offer scientists easier access to a wealth of information, across its supplies, services and solutions it reflects the company’s growth, through its customer-focused approach. The application driven platform is tailored to meet the needs of both new and existing customers. With a modern, user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate the new website features a practical search function with intelligent filtering capabilities that enables users to conveniently browse through both product listings and supplementary information page options. This helps you find exactly what you need easily and quickly. “Our priority has always been to provide the best possible products and services to our customers and our new website is just one of the many ways we continue to support that,” says Carole Staniford, Marketing Director. “We’ve worked hard to create a website that reflects our commitment to our customers and distributors, and we believe that our new site will make it easier for them to do business with us.” The updated design is compatible with all devices and screen sizes, ensuring that users can access the site on the go, and from any platform. Customers can easily search for products by item code, key words, category or applications, view product specifications, access literature, videos etc. The website is live now and ready to explore. Take a look at: Have You Seen Our Brand New Online Experience?

5   +44 23 80 487209 4   +44 23 80 487209 ACT on Climate Change with Fastrak® and FastZAP™ Pipette Tip Refills to Reduce Your Lab’s Carbon Footprint Product Code Product Description Pack Description FR0250 1-200µl Universal FlexTop Ultrafine Tip Non-Sterile 50mm in length 10x96 FR1010 0.1-10µl TubeGuard Top Ultrafine Tip Extended-Length NonSterile 38mm in length 14x96 FR1015 0.1-10µl Universal Micro Ultrafine Tip Graduated Non-Sterile 32mm in length 13x96 FR1200 1-200µl Universal Bevelled Yellow Non-Sterile 50mm in length 10x96 FR1250 100-1250µl FlexTop Ultrafine Tip Extended-Length NonSterile 89mm in length 5x96 FR1300 1-300µl FlexTop Ultrafine Tip Extended-Length Non-Sterile 71mm in length 6x96 FR2200 1-200µl Universal Bevelled Tip Graduated Non-Sterile 50mm in length 10x96 FR3000 100-1000µl Rainin® LTS®-Fit Tip Non-Sterile 89mm in length 5x96 FR3020 0.1-20µl Rainin® LTS®-Fit Tip Non-Sterile 48mm in length 11x96 FR3250 Tip 0.5-250µl Rainin® LTS®-Fit Tip Graduated Non-Sterile 51mm in length 10x96 Fastrak® Tip Refill Systems Ordering Information ACT Verification Fastrak will proudly display the ACT eco label that emphasises accountability, consistency, and transparency around manufacturing, user impact, and end-of-life impact. My Green Lab created the ACT Environmental Impact Factor Label to inform users by quantifying how laboratory products rate in sustainability categories including: › Manufacturing impact › Energy use › Packaging waste › Lifetime rating Relevant categories on the ACT Label are rated on a scale of 1–10. The lower the score, the lower the impact on the environment. The sum of the values is the environmental factor. ACT product scores are independently audited by Sustainability Made Simple and verified by My Green Lab. Find out more online at: › Fastest possible racking › BioPolymer base and vegetablebased printing inks › Made using 61% renewable energy (30% onsite Solar Power) › Tips Manufactured from Highest Grade Resins › Excellent Tip-fit Across a Wide Range of Pipettes › Ultrafine Flexible Tips, Bevelled or Non-bevelled Orifice The Greenest Choice... Without Compromise Fastrak® pipette tip refill system excels in all environmental aspects compared to other popular refill systems. It is lighter, smaller and uses less packaging that is almost entirely renewable (95%). Example label for illustration purposes only.

NEW FastZAP™ Filter Tips Racked in a Snap The Environmentally Conscious Fuss-free Refill Solution FastZAP™ Tip Refill Ordering Information Product Code Product Description Pack Description FZ1010S FastZAP™ 10µl Filter Tip Refill Sterile 10x96 FZ1015S FastZAP™ 10µl Graduated Filter Tip Refill Sterile 10x96 FZ1204S FastZAP™ 20µl Beveled Filter Tip Refill Sterile 10x96 FZ1250S FastZAP™ 1000µl Extended Filter Tip Refill Sterile 8x96 FZ2200S FastZAP™ 100µl Beveled Graduated Filter Tip Refill Sterile 10x96 FZ2250S FastZAP™ 200µl Filter Tip Refill Sterile 10x96 FZ3000S FastZAP™ 1200µl Filter Tip Rainin® LTS Refill Sterile 8x96 FZ3020S FastZAP™ 20µl Filter Tip Rainin® LTS Refill Sterile 10x96 FZ3250S FastZAP™ 200µl Graduated Filter Tip Rainin® LTS Refill Sterile 10x96 FZ3300S FastZAP™ 300µl Filter Tip Refill Sterile 10x96 Protecting Your Sample and Your Pipette › Premium filter tips provide ultimate protection of your sample and your pipette › Polyethylene filter has a 10µm average pore size - traps aerosols containing DNA, radio nucleotides and other contaminants before they reach the pipette barrel. Also protects your sample from any contaminants in the environment or the pipette barrel. Sustainably Produced › FastZAP tips are manufactured with 93% clean energy and with minimal materials that consist of 60.2% usable product and 39.8% eco-packaging that can be easily recycled after use. › PET transfer cover and polypropylene tip platform are both internally recycled and recyclable. › Recyclable bioplastic stack base is certified net negative for carbon, sequestering roughly 3 times its weight in CO2 to help offset the pipette tip use. › Outer packaging is made of 100% recycled and recyclable paper that is printed with vegetable-based inks, eliminating the use of heavy metals. FastZAP™ is Alpha Laboratories’ newest addition to its range of environmentally friendly pipette tips. It brings you ZAP™ Premier filter tips in the Fastrak® style re-racking system. With a simple Lift, Place, and Snap, you can quickly refill your pipette tip racks – with high quality filter tips. 7   +44 23 80 487209 6   +44 23 80 487209 Find out more online at

Alpha Laboratories is passionate about finding new and sustainable laboratory solutions designed to further scientific discovery and improve the lives of those around them by focusing on three pillars: PEOPLE - PLANET - CULTURE Find out more at Here are some of our latest initiatives: Alpha Aspire workshops held for local sixth form students and materials prepared for BTEC projects Kitchen refurbishment and volunteer days provided to local infant school 12 EV charging points installed at HQ. Available to staff and visitors Solar panels installed LaboraTree tree planting scheme Sustainability GRI Report published in collaboration with students and faculty from Southampton University people culture planet et 100125 - SmartLid Starter Kit Product Code Product Description Pack Size 100125 SmartLid™ Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Starter Kit - consumables and hardware 50 extractions 100173 SmartLid™ Shaker Each 100175 SmartLid™ Rack Each 100179 SmartLid™ Refill Kit - consumables only 50 extractions SmartLid™ Ordering Information For more information visit: Benefits › High Yield - Ultra-pure DNA/RNA for sensitive downstream applications in molecular biology › Rapid - From sample to eluted DNA/RNA in less than 10 minutes for up to 12 samples › Easy to use - Simple process does not require any powered equipment › Environment - Designed to minimise plastic waste - carton and paper inserts made with recycled content and are fully recyclable. The magnetic keys are also reusable, reducing waste New SmartLid™ from ProtonDx is a novel magnetic key and lid system, designed to quickly and easily transfer magnetic beads and attached nucleic acids through a series of three sample extraction steps: Lysis, Wash, and Elution. With SmartLid, a single user can easily process up to 12 samples in under 10 minutes. SmartLid™ – The Smarter Way for Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Capture Collect Transfer 9   +44 23 80 487209 8   +44 23 80 487209

11   +44 23 80 487209 10   +44 23 80 487209 Product Code Product Description Pack Size AT0010R Tip 0.1-10µl Racked NS APEX® 10x96 AT0010RS Tip 0.1-10µl Racked St APEX® 10x96 AT0010RSF Tip 0.1-10µl Racked St Filtered APEX® 10x96 AT0010XLL Tip 0.1-10µl XL Loose NS APEX® 1000 AT0010XLR Tip 0.1-10µl XL Racked NS APEX® 10x96 AT0010XLRS Tip 0.1-10µl XL Racked St APEX® 10x96 AT0010XLRSF Tip 0.1-10µl XL Racked St Filtered APEX® 10x96 AT0200L Tip 1-200µl Loose NS APEX® 1000 AT0200R Tip 1-200µl Racked NS APEX® 10x96 AT0200RS Tip 1-200µl Racked St APEX® 10x96 AT0200RSF Tip 1-200µl Racked St Filtered APEX® 10x96 AT0200YLL Tip 1-200µl Loose Yellow NS APEX® 1000 AT1000BLL Tip 100-1000µl Loose Blue NS APEX® 1000 AT1000L Tip 100-1000µl Loose NS APEX® 1000 AT1000R Tip 100-1000µl Racked NS APEX® 8x96 AT1000RS Tip 100-1000µl Racked St APEX® 8x96 AT1000RSF Tip 100-1000µl Racked St Filtered APEX® 8x96 AT1250L Tip 100-1250µl Loose NS APEX® 1000 AT1250R Tip 100-1250µl Racked NS APEX® 8x96 AT1250RS Tip 100-1250µl Racked St APEX® 8x96 AT1250RSF Tip 100-1250µl Racked St Filtered APEX® 8x96 APEX® Tips Ordering Information For more information about APEX tips please visit: APEX® Tips for Consistent Performance Even for the Most Complex Applications Designed for consistent sample dispensing with the highest accuracy and precision. The APEX® range of pipette tips is manufactured in a state-of-the-art production facility. APEX® tips are an excellent choice for laboratories needing quality and affordability. Universal fit with enhanced cone geometry for compatibility with a wide range of popular brand pipette models, including alpha+ pipettes. › Graduated for easy volume checking › Conical tip opening prevents drop formation at the end of the tip, minimising sample loss and further improving pipetting precision › Tips are manufactured from virgin polypropylene › Filter tips feature a hydrophobic, contaminant-free virgin polyethylene filter with an average pore size of 5-20µm. › This blocks aerosols as well as vapour, radioactive, biohazardous or corrosive samples. › Highest level of Quality Assurance testing. › Certified metal free as well as RNase, DNase DNA, Pyrogen and PCR Inhibitor free. › Sterile tips are e-beam irradiated Extensive Range › Available sterile and non-sterile › Filtered or non-filtered › Packaged loose or racked › Standard or extended length › Volumes – 10µl, 200µl, 1000µl and 1250µl Take advantage of these incredible prices for APEX® Tips while stocks last!

13   +44 23 80 487209 12   +44 23 80 487209 Fine Tip Pastette® For careful control and small volume transfers Fine Tip Pastette have a soft controllable bulb to provide high level control and function for quick and easy procedures. Minimal force is needed to aspirate and dispense the liquid, which is consistent across the full range of Pastette. Fine Tip Pastette are available in varied designs with alternative drop volumes, draw volumes and lengths to suit various tasks. Over the years, modified versions have been developed from the standard design to support customers with their application needs. These included extending the stem length to be able to reach into smaller vessels, a longer fine tip for the separation of supernatants, larger bulb volumes for filling ID strips and mini versions for small volume drop work, (which are popular) in the blood donation centres. One feature that does remain the same is the perfectly circular cross section tip, which provides precise control and accuracy of the drop volume when aspirating. Many applications will require small volumes of liquid to be transferred between a variety of different vessels. Fine Tip Pastette® are LDPE transfer or pasteur pipettes that are a simple solution and a safe alternative to glass pipettes. They are manufactured to the highest quality to ensure the best performance and accuracy for the user. Product Code Product Description Pack Size LW4638 Extended Fine Tip Standard Sterile Bulb draw 3.5ml Drop Vol. 20µl 500 LW4232 Extended Fine Tip Sterile Bulb draw 3.3ml Drop Volume 20µl 500 LW4238 Extended Fine Tip Sterile Bulb draw 3.3ml Drop Volume 20µl - 400 x single wrap 400 LW4234 Fine Tip Maxi Non Sterile Bulb draw 4.8ml Drop Volume 22µl 400 LW4237 Extended Fine Tip Mini Sterile Bulb draw 1ml Drop Volume 20µl 500 LW4244 Extended Fine Tip Ultra Micro Non Sterile Bulb draw 1.0ml Drop Volume 22µl 500 Premium Quality Crafted from top-grade materials, these pipettes guarantee durability and reliability. Variety of Designs Making measurements a breeze for even the most varied tasks. Ease of Use The soft controllable bulb ensures a comfortable handling experience and accurate drop wise dispensing from the fine tip. Sterile and Non-Toxic Sterile options available to ensure a contamination-free environment for your critical work. Ideal for supernatant removal, slide preparation and gel loading: › Precise control › Careful aspiration › Great for use with test strips Specialist versions are available for specific applications: › Fine Tip Mini for colony picking › Fine Tip Maxi for sample removal › Extended Fine Tip for small drop work Pastette® Ordering Information Don’t compromise on quality, choose Pastette®. LW4638 LW4234 LW4237 LW4244 LW4232/LW4238

15   +44 23 80 487209 14   +44 23 80 487209 PCR is one of the most commonly used techniques in molecular biology applications and undeniably a powerful analysis tool. However, avoiding contamination is key and this can sometimes be a challenge in multiuse/multipurpose laboratories. Create Your Dedicated PCR Workspace A dedicated clean area like the Mini PCR UV workstation can be a rewarding investment. Product Code Product Description Pack Size UV1000 Mini PCR Workstation with UV sterilisation Each EL2680 White General Purpose Tray 68x54cm whiter Each EL2670 Disposable APET liners 68 x 54cm for use with general purpose spill tray 25 PCR Workspace Bundle Ordering Information Create your complete PCRWorkstation today! Find out more at: › The UV light within the safety cabinet can be used to denature nucleic acids in 5-30 minutes rendering them unsuitable for amplification › Provides a clean set up area which can be lit with white light whilst working › The UV light is timer controlled and safety switches automatically turn it off if the doors are opened. This important safety feature prevents user exposure › The cabinet is designed to sit snuggly within a 68 x 54cm spill tray › Disposable tray liners are also available To complete your set up, you could include a dedicated PCR Worskstation Rack (LW5732AS). These popular racks offer the perfect solution to PCR set-up whether you are using tubes, tube strips or plates. All are made from durable polypropylene and have sturdy lids. They are ideal for transporting samples and reactions between preparation, thermal cycling and postPCR procedure areas. They also come in a wide range of colours! The removable 96-Place Work-Up Rack holds commonly used plates, tubes or strip tubes. Complete Your PCR Set Up Product Code Product Description Pack Size LW5732AS PCR workstation rack with lid assorted colours 10 Workstation Rack Ordering Information Worskstation Rack (LW5732AS) - Specifications Dimensions: 170 × 110 × 105 mm, 78 mm without Lid Will hold: 32 x individual 0.2 ml tubes, 24 x 1.5 or 2.0 ml tubes or 16 x 0.5 ml tubes Ideal platform to satisfy all pre or post PCR sampling applications. Molded alphanumeric indexing for fast and accurate identification. Preparation for Perfect PCR Performance *Pipette and tube storage rack not included.

17   +44 23 80 487209 16   +44 23 80 487209 Product Code Product Description Pack Size CP5940AS Flat Cap with O-Ring for Microcentrifuge Tube, Assorted Colours 500 CP5950AS Tethered Flat Cap with O-Ring for Microcentrifuge Tube, Assorted Colours 500 CP5960AS SafeGrip Flat Cap with Moulded Integral Seal for Microcentrifuge Tube, Assorted Colours 500 LW3339AS Cap Insert Assorted colours for colour coding cryogenic vials 500 4-000-079-Z Drummond Replacement Tissue Culture Nosepeice, Assorted Colours 6 LW5220AS Rack 96-Position Reversible Combirack 12 x 8 Array Assorted Colours Fits 0.5ml 1.5ml and 2.0ml Microcentrifuge Tubes 5 Colourful Laboratory Accessories Ordering Information Brighten up your lab today! Find out more online: When handling lots of different samples and reagents, colour-coding can be an ideal way to distinguish between them. Alpha Laboratories offers a range of colourful laboratory products to help you organise your storage and workspace. This will assist you with an efficient workflow, whether enabling easy identification of samples for different testing pathways, separate projects, different process steps or distinct reagents in your lab. Getting Organised Never Looked So Good Colour-Code Your Lab! A Great Way to Avoid Cross-contamination It’s not just samples and reagents that can benefit from colour coding. This can also be a great way to clearly identify a specific work area. The Drummond Pipet-Aids can be fitted with a coloured tissue culture nosepiece, ensuring easy-identification and your lab partners cannot steal your equipment without your knowledge! SafeGrip Screw Caps Tethered Screw Caps APEX® Standard Screw Caps APEX® Microcentrifuge Tube Caps Available in a multitude of colours, caps for the popular APEX screw cap tubes give you many options when it comes to organising your samples. Buy individual colours for different sample sets or our assorted selections containing a mix of 5 different colours. › Compatible with 0.5, 1.0 and 2.0ml APEX microcentrifuge tubes › Also available in a tethered version, making one-handed use much easier › ‘SafeGrip’ screw-caps in an attractive striped design provide a superior grip – ideal when you need to open tubes while wearing gloves! Moving Into Cryogenic Storage? Easily identify your samples held in cryogenic storage with coloured cap inserts for our cryovials. These fit into the Classic, Feel the Seal, and Ultimate security ranges of cryogenic vials. Each cap insert has a small hole to enable removal if needed. Coordinate Your Tube Racks The 96-position reversible Combirack is compatible with 0.5ml microcentrifuge tubes on one side, with the reverse allowing storage of 96 x 1.5ml and 2.0ml microcentrifuge tubes › Available in 5 colours, for easily identifying your projects in a packed laboratory freezer › Can be autoclaved at up to 121C and is suitable for use in ultra-low temperature freezers (up to -90C) › Many other options are also available for everything up to 50ml centrifuge tubes

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