IBDoc Patient Information

Doing the IBDoc will enable you to receive results the same day as you take the sample indicating whether or not the symptoms you are suffering are due to your IBD or something else. This will enable your clinical team to initiate the appropriate treatment pathway much quicker and relieves the weeks of anxious wait for results from the lab. The home test offers you privacy with your calprotectin tests – Let’s face it, nobody likes handing over that sample. It also eliminates the requirement for journeys to the hospital to drop off samples and ensures it is tested for calprotectin rather than micro or just gets lost in the system. All the hospitals that are implementing home testing are doing it to give additional support to patients. They are not taking away the standard lab test – if you don’t want to do the IBDoc then speak to your clinical team, they will organise for you to do a lab test in the usual way. The calprotectin test provides valuable information, the clinical team need the results however it is provided, home or lab. If your device is not currently supported, then you will get a message stating this. The phone doesn’t need to be your current phone: ï An old phone will work (check the kitchen drawer!) as long as it can connect to the internet (doesn’t need a SIM) ï A relative or partner’s phone can be used. The results are private because the App is login and password protected Once you have confirmed you have a compatible device your clinical team will set you up with an IBDoc account and you will be sent an email from support@ibdoc.net with a link to set a password. Once you have done this you can log into the App. WHY SHOULD I DO A HOME TEST? WHAT IF I DON’T WANT TO / CAN’T DO THE HOME TEST? The first thing is to confirm you have a compatible Smartphone. Scan the QR code and it will take you to the App for free download if your device is compatible: HOW DO I GET STARTED?