Focus on FIT Issue 2

40 Parham Drive, Eastleigh, Hampshire, SO50 4NU, UK Tel: 023 8048 3000 | Email: Web: Registered in England 1215816 Focus on FIT Convenience for Patients, Quality Test Results Alpha Laboratories is the exclusive UK supplier of the Kyowa Medex HM‑JACKarc quantitative faecal immunochemical test which is recommended by NICE DG30 for adoption in primary care to guide referral for suspected colorectal cancer. HM-JACKarc provides fully automated testing on a compact bench top system, with excellent sensitivity at the low end. The simple, hygienic sample collection device is easy for patients to use, encouraging uptake of the test and reducing waste. It collects a consistent specimen size across different faecal matter and contains a proprietary collection buffer that stabilises the faecal haemoglobin for 14 days at ambient temperature and up to 120 days when stored at 2-8°C. Unique Instructions for Use Alpha Laboratories is able to create specific FIT instructions for use (IFU) tailored to your testing service. A localised design can better reach your range of demographics, simplify returns and improve uptake of the test. Available in a range of formats, IFUs incorporate: ■ ■ Easy to Read Fonts ■ ■ Pictograms ■ ■ Small Help Cards ■ ■ Larger Instruction Sheets ■ ■ Additional Languages Customising your IFU will ensure you engage with your target audience more effectively, leading to an increased participation rate and less waste. Packaging Tailored to Your Requirements Depending on where your samples are being sent (GP practice, testing lab, central processing hub) you may require an innovative packaging solution. We can provide: ■ ■ Small, grip seal bags to mail the sample ■ ■ Padded envelopes for general mailing ■ ■ Freepost, pre-addressed envelopes for ease of use Whether your patient samples are sent via the postal service, dropped off at a local GP or clinic, or sent to a main hospital, we can provide a range of solutions to make it simpler for all parties involved. A FIT Service Designed For You Whether you are using FIT to assess patients in a screening programme, or investigating symptomatic patients, the entire start-to-finish process requires specialist consideration. Alpha Laboratories can provide a range of products and FIT services to help you develop your programme, tailored to your specific requirements. From logistics to patient instructions, complete custom kits to scheduling assistance, our Bowel Cancer Specialists are on hand to help you create the ideal solution to support your patient pathway. Alpha Laboratories' experienced team can support you in establishing a FIT service, providing education, product demonstrations and logistics solutions. We're here to help, so please contact us to discuss your needs, by email at or visit